Alleviating Lower Back Pain


If you have lower back pain due to an injury, or if it is a reoccurring annoyance, you will want to find some relief. There are many things that can be done to help alleviate lower back pain. Here are some remedies that you can try for soothing your back pain.

Check With Your Doctor

Before doing things on your own to try to alleviate pain, see your doctor to make sure that the ailment is something that can be remedied on your own. Your physician may refer you to a chiropractor, such as Dr. Brian C. Gibson Chiropractic, to have further analysis.

A chiropractor would look at your history, take a few x-rays, and see if the pain can be taken away by doing a back alignment. He or she would be able to maneuver your spine by making a few movements along the back in an attempt to remove stress from the bones. Many people find this procedure to be effective and a big relief in removing pain in the lower back.

Temperature Relief

If you have sustained an injury that left you with lower back pain, you will want to apply a cold compress to the affected area to help take away any swelling. Wrap some ice inside a plastic storage bag and wrap it in a hand towel to place upon your back. Leave the ice pack in place for about twenty minutes and then remove so the skin will have a chance to regain its normal temperature. Do this a few times to help take pain away.

Some people find that they enjoy heat more than colder temperatures. You can use a heating pad instead of an ice pack and apply in the same manner. You could also apply heat by taking a hot bath or by getting into a jacuzzi hot tub.

Habit Changes

Doing exercises that will stretch the back can have a great impact on how the back will feel. Consider taking a yoga or pilates class to stretch the muscles in your back area, relieving pain in the process.

Watch how you sit at your desk and make an effort to correct any improper posture problems. Slouching can make your back hurt, so try to refrain from sitting in a slumped position. Place something to rest your feet upon if you sit in an office environment for much of the day. When you need to lift an item, always use your legs as the muscle behind the lift. 


7 January 2015

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