How New Technology Is Revolutionizing Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids have come a long way technologically, and new designs and features are being continually added to improve the experience of hearing aid users. It's important for you to know what the latest hearing aid options on the market are to make an informed decision about what will work best for you. Here are some of the most exciting developments in hearing aid technology and how they can change your entire hearing aid experience.

Networking Your Hearing Aid With Your Phone

Perhaps one of the most interesting developments in hearing aid technology is the introduction of wireless hearing aids. These hearing aids can network with mobile phones through wireless sensors, and allow you to interface with your hearing aid through your phone. You can adjust volume levels, filter different types of sounds, and change other settings all through the comfort of your own phone. Users can also adjust settings for each hearing aid, allowing users to turn up the volume in one ear and turn it down in the other depending on the situation at hand.

Adjusting your hearing aid through your phone not only quickly gives you more options for manipulating your hearing aid, but it also allows you to discreetly do so, giving hearing aid users the privacy and comfort they desire in a product designed to improve their lives.

These apps also have special feature designed to deal with difficult hearing problems. For example, if you're experiencing tinnitus, you can activate a feature within your hearing aid that can help you better deal with the ringing sounds that tinnitus sometimes produces. These apps also help you enjoy your phone to your fullest, allowing you to more easily listen to music and TV programs through your hearing aid device.

Smart Hearing Aids

Smart hearing aids are designed to adjust both to your needs and your surrounding environment.  For example, if you enter a crowded restaurant or a concert hall where there's a lot of background noise or extremely loud noises that can overwhelm a hearing aid, these smart hearing aids can automatically adjust their sensors to make it easier to hear what you want to hear.

These smart hearing aids can also deal with strong winds on a golf course or beach, filtering out a sound that many hearing aid users find highly distracting. These hearing aids perform all of these adjustments and sound filtering automatically, giving you the comfort you need quickly and seamlessly.

It's an exciting time for hearing aid users. These devices are smarter, smaller and more versatile than ever before, helping to improve your quality of life and keep you engaged with friends, family and everything else that's important to you. If you suffer from hearing problems, contact hearing specialists such as Jacobs Clinical Diagnostics.


20 January 2015

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