Teaching Your Child How To Maintain Their Hearing Aid

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Children who wear hearing aids need to be taught how to maintain them and keep them clean. When they are taught how to take care of their hearing aids, they will begin to understand the importance of the device and appreciate what it does to assist with their hearing. Teaching your child how to take care of their hearing aid isn't difficult, as long as you model the behavior for them. This will teach them the proper way to take care of the device, so that it will function properly at all times.

Handle Hearing Aids With Care

Teach children to handle their hearing aids with great care; rough handling of the device can result in damage to the delicate components that make up the device. Teach your child how to carefully remove and install their hearing aid when necessary.

Always Have Fresh Batteries Available

Always have extra batteries on hand so that if the batteries suddenly stop working then you can replace them instantly. If the batteries stop working during class time at school, your child should have batteries readily available to replace the ones already in the device. Ensure that your child always has batteries in their schoolbag for the device, and check from time to time to make sure the batteries are not corroding. If it is an older child, then teach them to take responsibility for making sure they always have fresh batteries available.

Clean The Battery Contacts

When the battery contacts for your child's hearing aid are not clean, the device will malfunction. You should clean the battery contacts regularly and teach your child how to clean them as well. Use a cotton swab to clean the battery contacts. Be very gentle so that you do not bend any of the contacts. Examine the hearing aid weekly to see if the battery contacts require cleaning.

Remove Wax From The Hearing Aid

Most hearing aids come with a soft cloth or brush to clean the device. Carefully examine the hearing aid weekly for any buildup of wax. If you find any, then gently remove it with the cloth or the brush. Show your child how to gently clean wax out of the hearing aid as well. Excess wax in the hearing aid can block sound waves and prevent the device from functioning at optimal levels.

Teaching your child how to take care of their hearing aid should be done as soon as they get the device. This will help then to understand from the beginning that they need to take responsibility for the maintenance of their hearing device. Visit sites like http://www.HearDenver.org for more information.


9 February 2015

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