Neck Pain After A Collision - How A Physical Therapist Can Help

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Has it become painful to move your neck without experiencing a lot of pain after getting injured in a collision? As long as the neck injury is not severe enough to require surgery, you may be able to relieve the symptoms with treatment from a physical therapist. Find out below what the problem may be with your neck, as well as what a physical therapist can do to help.

What Can Lead To A Painful Neck After Involvement In A Collision?

One of the common reasons for a neck injury after a collision is the cervical region of the spine getting damaged. Although the cervical region is a part of the spine, it is actually located in your neck. The sudden impact from the other vehicle in the collision likely caused your neck to move in an unnatural way, which caused a condition known as whiplash.

Treating the cervical region for whiplash is not too complicated as long as your spinal cord is not damaged. Basically, you can wear a cervical collar around your neck to relieve symptoms from whiplash. The collar is helpful because it keeps your neck in a steady position to prevent too much movement that may possibly lead to you experiencing more symptoms. After you have the collar on, it is a good idea to visit a physical therapist so he or she can help you wean away from the cervical collar.

What Can A Physical Therapist Do To Assist With Cervical Collar Weaning?

Upon each visit to a physical therapist, you will have to take the cervical collar off. The therapist will then massage the cervical region with his or her hands to get rid of the tension that is causing whiplash symptoms. He or she may also opt for using massage tools to apply more pressure for greater results. Because the cervical regions is connected to the spine, your back will likely get massaged during each session as well.  

It is also common for physical therapists to use a technique called spinal manipulation when treating whiplash. He or she will maneuver the joints in your back to release pressure, which will result in you hearing popping noises during the process. The number of sessions necessary with the therapist will depend on how bad your whiplash is, but you should see results with each visit that will eventually lead to you not having to wear a cervical collar.

Get in touch with a physical therapist so you can get treated for whiplash symptoms.


19 May 2015

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