How Massages Can Help You Lose Weight


Massages are wonderful processes in which your body is worked by a certified massage therapist to ease your sore muscles and generally relax you. There are a multitude of benefits that you can receive from massage therapy. Your headaches can be relieved, your muscles might heal faster, and your fluid systems can pump with maximum efficacy. However, one benefit that a lot of people don't know can be a result of massage therapy is weight loss. Here is how going to a massage therapist can help you lose weight. 

1. Improves Circulation, Allowing Your Metabolism to Function Effectively

The first thing that massage therapy can do is improve your body's circulation, meaning that blood is able to travel through your body quickly and effectively. This is critical because it allows nutrients to travel through your body, as well as oxygen. When your muscles receive the oxygen that they need to function correctly, then your metabolism is functioning at full force. This is important because the faster your metabolism is, the easier you will find it to lose weight. By going to a massage therapist regularly, you will be able to keep your metabolism at full power, allowing your efforts at exercise to be more effective at weight loss.

2. Makes Muscles More Elastic, Decreasing the Chances That You Will Suffer Injury

Another way that massage therapy can help you lose weight is by strengthening your muscles, which greatly reduces the chances that you will suffer injury while you are running, playing a sport, or lifting. If you suffer an injury while you are trying to work out and lose weight, your workout plans will be derailed. This can cause you to gain weight, rather than lose it, because you won't be able to move as well and might spend more time sitting.

Because your muscles are stronger, they will also require more energy. If your muscles require more energy, then you can be sure that you will be able to lose weight more easily.

3. Allows Your Body to Absorb the Fat

When you apply pressure to certain parts of your body, as massage therapy does, then you will be able to open up your fat cells and allow the fat that they store to be absorbed by your body. This means that your body will be using more of the fat that you are currently storing as fuel, allowing you to lose inches on your waistline or from anywhere else that you store fat.

For more information, talk to your massage therapist (like those at La Mesa Chiropractic Center).


11 August 2015

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