5 Helpful Tips For Avoiding Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary tract infections most often affect the lower urinary tract infection and can lead to a burning sensation while urinating, pelvic pain and cloudy urine. If these infections are not treated promptly, they can increase your risk of kidney damage, recurrent infections and sepsis. If you make some lifestyle changes, you can lower your risk of these infections. Here are five helpful tips for avoiding urinary tract infections:

Practice Good Bathroom Hygiene

If you want to lower your risk of urinary tract infections, you must practice good bathroom hygiene. When you are wiping your genital area, always do it from front to back to keep rectal bacteria away from there. It is also very important to use one piece of toilet paper to wipe urine and a separate one to wipe feces.

Drink More Water

One of the simplest ways to reduce your chances of contracting a urinary tract infection is to stay hydrated. If you drink eight glasses of water every day, you will urinate more frequently and be able to remove more bacteria from your urinary tract.

Limit Baths

Baths can be quite comforting after a long day, but they can increase your risk of contracting urinary tract infections. When you sit in a bathtub, all the bacteria in the water can make its way to your urethra. To help avoid these infections, take showers instead.

Do Not Hold It

When you are busy in a work meeting or watching your kids, you may think it is okay to wait to go to the bathroom. However, holding it in too long can cause bacteria to get into your urethra, increasing the risk of an infection. If you have to urinate, drop everything you are doing to use the washroom.

Be Smart About Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse is known for irritating the urethra and increasing the risk of urinary tract infections. You can lower your risk of developing an infection by urinating immediately after intimacy. Going to the bathroom will help remove any bacteria that entered your urethra during sexual intercourse.

Urinary tract infections can be quite uncomfortable, so it is best to prevent them. If you follow these helpful tips, you will be less likely to endure these infections in the future. However, if you do have a urinary tract infection, you should visit a doctor like Dr. Matthew Bui soon. They can give you antibiotics to help clear up the infection.


26 August 2015

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