What Really Causes Back Pain

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In the United States, half of all working citizens complain of back pain each year. According to medical experts, 80% of Americans will suffer from some sort of back injury during their lifetimes. Annually, at least $50 billion dollars go toward treatment for back pain, and it is a common cause of missed working hours. Even though the condition is so pervasive, many people are still uninformed about the causes and treatment of back pain. If you suffer from back problems, you need to know the difference between the myths and the reality.


Several facts about back pain are misunderstood. If you have chronic back pain, the severity of the pain does not indicate the seriousness of the damage you have incurred. You can be in crippling pain from a relatively minor condition, but only a medical professional can determine the exact cause of the problem. You may also believe that a bad back at age 40 means you are doomed to a terrible back at age 65, but people over the age of 55 actually report less pain as they age.  


For years, doctors prescribed bed rest to combat severe back pain, but research has found that remaining active is better for a bad back. Prolonged inactivity can cause muscle atrophy, resulting in a weaker back and even more problems. 

You may have been advised by friends and family to buy a firm mattress to help support your back, but harder is not always better. Your body comes with natural dips and curves that a too hard mattress will not accommodate. While you do not want to sink into a mattress that gives little or no support, you want something that will be gentle on your pressure points. Try a model that still offers support but that cannot double as an ironing board. 

A hot bath always sounds wonderful, but in reality it can cause inflamed back muscles to worsen. Icing a back injury is recommended instead of heat. However, if you have chronic pain without inflammation, a hot bath can be helpful and very soothing. 

If you are suffering from back pain, you need to seek treatment from a medical professional, such as at http://swfna.com. Family and friends often deliver the wrong information while trying to be helpful. Many medical myths are still thriving, so do not take a chance on word-of-mouth. Get professional treatment and advice in order to stop your back misery. 


29 September 2015

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