Intriguing Stair Lift Facts That May Make Getting A Stair Lift An Easier Decision

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If you're debating whether or not to get a stair lift, the following intriguing facts may help make the decision a little easier. Not only have some of the most powerful men on Earth owned stair lifts: they may also offer you real mental health benefits. And their future looks even brighter! 

Henry the VIII Rocked the First Stair Lift

Don't let the concept of a stair lift make you feel weak or powerless: one of the most powerful men who ever lived, Henry the VIII, actually invented one of the first known stair lifts in history. Henry, who's drive for a male heir forced him to create Protestantism, became an unfortunately heavy man (420 pounds) late in life.

Combine that weight with a jousting accident, and Henry suddenly found it difficult to climb the stairs in front of Whitehall Palace in London. As a result, he had a lift built out of a chair that could pull him up the stairs. Unfortunate servants were lucky enough to perform this relatively thankless deed.

It just goes to show you that anybody can be affected by issues with mobility. It doesn't matter if they are a retired school teacher or a leader of a sprawling empire. Follow Henry's example and consider a stair lift.

Stair Lifts May Decrease Depression Symptoms

Studies have shown that people with decreased mobility often suffer from severe depression. And stair lifts could increase that mobility almost overnight. Nursing homes and other elder care workers have long understood the connection between increased mobility and a decrease in depression symptoms.

So if your decreased mobility has been taxing you physically, it has undoubtedly been bothering you mentally. Investing in a stair lift just might be what you need to beat your depression symptoms.

Stair Lifts Could Be Replaced By Apartment Elevators

If you're concerned about the extra room a stair lift will take up in your room, never fear: the future of stair lift technology may change all of that. An English company is currently hoping that it's new apartment elevator will help increase mobility for people all around the world.

The concept is simple: a small vertical lift is installed in one corner of your home, with a protective glass shell keeping you from falling inside on accident. The lift will move you up and down the floors of your home, without the need for a sprawling stair lift system or expensive elevator shaft installation.

The success of these new elevators could help people who would normally have said "no" to a stair lift invest in increased mobility.

Of course, the widespread use of these apartment elevators may be far off in the distance. If you're suffering from decreased mobility, please don't ignore the possibilities of a stair lift (click here for more information). They can help you regain full access to a home where you've spent your entire life.


27 October 2015

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