3 Reasons Why Sermorelin Is A Better Male Anti-Aging Solution Than HGH

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Are you suffering some of the natural effects of aging, such as loss of lean muscle tissue, decreased energy, and lack of sex drive? Are you considering hormone therapy to reverse these aging symptoms? HGH therapy is a commonly prescribed solution for men who want to turn back the clock with their bodies. However, there is another possible solution that you may want to consider. Sermorelin acetate is a popular alternative to hGH injections. Like hGH, it must be prescribed by a doctor. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider sermorelin:

Fewer side effects. There is a substantial difference in the way hGH therapy and sermorelin therapy operates. When you take hGH therapy, the injections are actually adding more hGH into your body. With sermorelin, the injections are boosting your pituitary gland's ability to naturally produce hGH. This is an important distinction.

With hGH injections, it's possible that you could get prescribed a dosage that's too high. With too much hGH in your system, you could suffer nasty side effects, like liver damage, digestive issues, or volatile emotions. Also, your body could build up a resistance to hGH, requiring you to take more to get the same effects.

With sermorelin, your body is producing all of the hGH. The injection is only boosting the gland's production capabilities. That means that your body won't produce any more hGH than it needs, which reduces the likelihood of side effects related to too much hGH in your system.

You can quit sermorelin. One of the other issues with hGH injections is that your body may become dependent on it. With the introduction of new hGH into your body, your pituitary gland could discontinue producing natural hGH. That means that you'll have to keep taking the hGH injections forever to maintain the same results.

That's usually not the case with sermorelin. Since it boosts natural hGH production, you can decrease it or even discontinue taking it without seeing a big dropoff in results. Over time, your body's natural production may taper off, but it won't discontinue hGH production altogether. You can start and stop sermorelin therapy as you wish.

It's less expensive. In many cases, sermoreline acetate injections are far less expensive than hGH injections. In fact, after receiving your initial diagnosis and prescription, you may get your injections shipped to you in the form of an autopen. These are small injectable doses that make it easy for you to give yourself the injections. That saves you the time and expense associated with trips to your doctor.

For more information, talk to a doctor who helps men with anti-aging solutions. He or she can help you decide whether sermorelin is the right choice for you.


15 January 2016

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