What Can You Do To Get Relief From Your Lower Back Pain?

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Lower back pain can be an unwelcome guest that can cause you hours of discomfort. When you are feeling so badly you might not know what to do other than take pain relieving medication. However, you can also try the following tips to experience some relief from the pain you are in.

Drop a Few Pounds

Extra weight on your body frame can cause a number of problems for your body. Abdominal weight in particular can cause your posture to change, causing tension for the spine and putting it out of alignment. Your back pain might have even started as you started to pick up weight.

Take steps to lose weight and you may start feeling some relief from the pain in your lower back. Focus your diet on green, leafy vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean meats.

Give Up Cigarettes

As a smoker, you probably already know that the habit isn't good for your health. However, what you may be unaware of is that smoking might also be related to the pain you're feeling in your lower back. Smoking causes the blood vessels in your body to narrow and constrict. As a result, it is harder for blood to flow throughout your body; the blood vessels in your back have a harder time getting clean, oxygenated blood. That could contribute to lower back pain.

To start feeling better, start cutting down on the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day. Over time, if you quit smoking altogether, you may find your pain diminishes a great deal or disappears completely.

Change the Way You're Sleeping

If you're someone who sleeps on their stomach or on their side, you could be having back pain just from the way you are lying throughout the night. Try sleeping on your back with a pillow or two underneath the back of your head; this will keep your spine and back in proper alignment, which could help you avoid a painful back. If you wake up on your side, you might want to go to sleep with a body pillow between your legs, as this will prevent undue stress and twisting of your spine when you turn during your sleep.

Try all the advice in this article to see if you can start to experience some relief from your lower back pain. Continue to work with your doctor to find more solutions to soothe your back. Contact a business, such as Valley Chiropractic, for more information on relieving back pain. 


11 February 2016

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