2 Reasons To Visit A General Practitioner At Urgent Care

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Feeling your best is sure to be foremost on your mind at all times. However, regardless of how much you work to maintain your health, there are certain issues that may arise. It's ideal to have any medical conditions fully evaluated by a licensed professional for a thorough diagnosis and effective treatment. You may feel too busy throughout the week to visit your regular doctor, so seeing a general practitioner at urgent care can be quick and convenient. By knowing the ways this professional can assist you, this may motivate you to do so when necessary.

Reason #1:  Routine testing

Studies indicate there are 9,300 urgent care facilities currently available. There are many tests that can be done for you at an urgent care facility. Some of these are listed below:

1.    Hypertension – You can have your blood pressure checked by a professional to determine if you suffer from high blood pressure. The normal reading should be 120/80.

2.    Cholesterol screening – Keeping your cholesterol in check could help reduce the chances of having a stroke or heart attack.

3.    Pap smears – Females should visit a doctor routinely to have a pap test completed. This is effective at finding any cancerous cells in the cervix at the earliest stages and getting these treated.

Reason #2: Treating an illness

The general practitioner at the urgent care facility can treat many ailments you may have and some of these are listed below:

1.    Sinus infections – Determining if you have a sinus infection and prescribing the necessary treatment.

2.    Abdominal pain – Being in pain in never ideal and you will want to have any abdominal pain diagnosed. 

3.    Ear infection – A clogged ear can impact your hearing and may prevent you from feeling your best.

4.    Cold and flu – The winter months can be the most challenging when it comes to staying healthy. You may be able to reduce the discomfort of a cold or flu by getting proper treatment for your urgent care. 

5.    Back pain – If you've pulled out your back, you will want to have this evaluated by a medical professional. 

Taking the time to get the necessary testing or treatment you need to aid you in feeling your best is important. Be sure to visit your local urgent care today and discuss your medical problems and concerns with the general practitioner on staff!


20 February 2016

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