Treating Your Child's Pectus Carinatum Using A Brace Instead Of Surgery

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Pectus carinatum, or PC, is a relatively common chest deformity that is more frequently seen in boys and typically first noticed during initial pubertal growth spurts. Although PC can be caused by a number of diseases and structural abnormalities, it is usually the result of misshapen ribs pushing the sternum forward and up, causing the chest to jut out unnaturally. This condition is often not dangerous on its own, but it can cause breathing issues and self-consciousness, particularly for growing teenagers. If your child has begun showing signs of pectus carinatum and you are looking for alternatives to surgery, you may be able to correct the problem with minimal invasion through the use of an orthopaedic brace. 

Correcting PC Deformity With an Orthopaedic Brace

Surgery is the traditional treatment for pectus carinatum, involving the surgical insertion of stainless steel bars, which anchor the ribs and sternum in place as they grow to suppress the deformity. This surgery is highly successful in most cases, but it also requires several days of recovery in the hospital and may be an unnecessary medical burden on your child when effective exterior supports are available instead. New, light-weight orthopaedic braces push the chest into a more correct position without the need for internal support bars, and several different studies have confirmed their efficiency at achieving normal growth within as little as a few months of use.

Avoiding Surgical Correction for Your Child's PC

If your physician is still recommending surgery for pectus carinatum by default, it may be beneficial to discuss the possibility of opting for a brace from a company like Human Technology instead. Because braces have been shown to produce similar results to surgery without the risk and inconvenience, they are quickly increasing in popularity as an alternative treatment. In some cases, merely calling attention to brace therapy as a relatively new option and expressing your discomfort with surgery can be all it takes to alter the course of your child's therapy. 

Encouraging the Best Results for Your Child 

Both studies of brace therapy for PC cited previously found that the primary cause of failure occurred when patients stopped wearing their brace as directed. Most braces should only be removed while in the bath or shower and must be worn even while sleeping. Although this can be a difficult adjustment for any patient, you can help reassure your child by emphasizing both the long-term benefits and the relatively short time period needed to correct the problem. Once your child no longer needs the brace, you will also need to schedule regular examinations to check that the condition has not relapsed. By following instructions closely and exploring all of your options, you can help your child develop normally without requiring invasive surgery. 


25 May 2016

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