Four Tips For Helping Your Elderly Love One Get Through The Holidays

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For many people, the holidays are a time to come together and celebrate. For senior citizens, the holidays can be a lonely time that reminds them of the people they have lost throughout the years and memories that are long gone. To avoid isolation and depression, you want to be extra supportive of your elderly loved ones during the holidays. For a smooth transition and an enjoyable holiday, here are four tips to help your elderly loved one conquer the holidays. 

Be Charitable

For many senior citizens, the idea of doing something for someone else may seem out of reach, especially if they require the assistance of a caregiver. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to help bring cheer to others that don't require a lot of physical work. This can include making cards for soldiers who stationed away from their families, putting together small care packages, chatting with someone who doesn't have family around, or singing Christmas carols to brighten up someone's day. All of these can take your loved one's mind off their own struggles and provide them a way to help others. 

Communicate with Their Caregivers

During the holidays, your typical routine may change up a bit. It is important to list all events and gatherings planned. This way, everyone can stay on the same page when it comes to when the senior citizen who needs care. Home health care providers also want to spend time with family and friends during the holidays, so be mindful of their personal schedule as well. If you plan to travel with the senior citizen, talk to the caregiver about what special equipment will be needed during this time. 

Reminisce About the Past

Memories can make an elderly person sad but can also be a great way to express their emotions. To help lift your elderly loved one's spirit, talk with your loved one about previous holidays and traditions. This provides them a chance to remember old times and share them with someone who cares. It can also be a great mental exercise for someone who is dealing with memory loss. 

Allow Them to Rest

The hustle and bustle around the holidays can cause anyone some anxiety, but it can be even more demanding on a senior citizen. Provide a quiet space for your elderly loved one to retreat to when the commotion gets to be too much for them. Senior citizens require a good amount of rest and sleep in order to function properly. Giving them their own private and secluded space will allow them to get away when they need to rest. 


22 November 2016

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