Child Hearing Loss: Symptoms Of Hearing Loss In Children And Adolescents

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Hearing loss can happen to anyone of any age. Unfortunately, many young children and adolescents are becoming hard of hearing at an alarming rate. However, if you can catch it early, you may be able to reduce the long-term impact of hearing loss in your child. If you think your child may be dealing with hearing loss but you aren't certain, there are some symptoms you can look for:

Isolating Themselves

One thing you may notice is that your child starts to isolate him or herself away from everyone else in the family. You may also notice that your child is not partaking in family conversation or speaking when many people are in the room. They will have a difficult time understanding everyone while multiple people are talking, so they tend to isolate themselves out of frustration.

Symptoms of Forgetfulness

Another thing you may notice is your child is becoming more forgetful. If you ask your child to do something and they neglect to do so, you may assume they simply forgot. In the case of a child dealing with hearing loss, chances are they did not even hear you ask them in the first place.

Disinterested in Social Events

Children, like adults, often become uninterested in social events if they are experiencing hearing loss. The inability to hear people talking in a crowd can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. They may grow tired of asking people to repeat something they have said so often that they just decide they would rather not participate at all.

Decrease in Grade Point Average

A child experiencing hearing loss may also begin to see a dip in his or her grade point average. They can become frustrated if they are unable to understand what the teacher is saying. This will leave the child unable to focus on the work. They can become aggravated, inattentive, and not care about the assignments.

These symptoms sound concerning, and they can be. Many times parents mistake their child's symptoms for depression when it could be attributed to hearing loss. If your child's demeanor is otherwise happy and content, chances are these issues could be related to a hearing loss. You can make an appointment with your child's pediatrician to discuss the issue. He or she may then refer you to an audiologist, such as at the Hearing Health Clinic, for further treatment. It may be cured with therapy, but you should be prepared for the prescription of a hearing aid in some cases.


15 December 2016

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