Why The Skin Is Peeling On Your Big Toe And What You Can Do To Stop It

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If your big toe has developed a problem with its skin peeling off, then it is important for you to determine the root cause of the problem. By knowing why your toe's skin is shedding off, you can successfully treat the underlying cause of the problem and stop it from happening again in the future. Below is a list of reasons why the skin on your toe is having issues and information about how you can rectify the situation:

Important Note: If you are a person who is living with diabetes, then you should seek the assistance of a podiatrist (foot doctor) to determine why your toe is peeling. Avoid the urge to peel the skin off because it can lead to ulcers and infections while you are waiting for your doctors appointment. It is not safe for you to self-diagnose your foot issue or treat it at home without qualified medical advice.

A Fungal Skin Infection

Sometimes your toe's skin will peel when it has become infected with a foot fungus, such as the common fungus of trichophyton mentagrophytes that causes Athlete's foot. If the area on your toe that is peeling also itches, then you should highly suspect a fungal infection. The good news is that you can easily treat fungal infections using an antifungal cream that is readily available over the counter from your local pharmacy. 

Toe Box Dermatitis 

If you often wear shoes that have toe boxes that do not breathe well, such as those made of rubber or plastic materials, then your toe may be suffering from toe-box dermatitis. The term "toe-box dermatitis" simply means that your toe has developed a skin irritation caused by the toe box of your shoe. Since the toe box isn't allowing your toe's skin to breathe and moisture is building up inside of the shoe, your toe's skin becomes irritated and peels. To stop toe box dermatitis, switch to shoes that are made of breathable materials such as natural leather and synthetic fibers. 

Lack of Skin Moisture

Finally, your peeling toe many not have a fungal infection or shoe-related issue, but instead, it may simply have very dry skin. If the area you live in is warm and has a low level of humidity, then your toe's skin may just be very dry. Skin that is excessively dry will peel and flake. You can solve this problem by applying a high-quality lotion to your feet each night before you go to bed.

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6 January 2017

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