3 Tips For Reducing Your Chances Of Eye Damage From Uveitis

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Uveitis is a serious eye condition that may progress and cause significant vision problems. Since uveitis can be caused by any number of underlying conditions, knowing if you are at an increased risk and how to reduce your chances of developing uveitis can help preserve your vision.

Understand The Correlation With Autoimmune Diseases

If you have an autoimmune disease, such as inflammatory arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease, you should be mindful of changes in your vision. When autoimmune diseases are not under control, there is a chance they may progress and begin affecting other organs or organ systems, including the eyes. It is important to discuss any changes in vision with your doctor, such as blurred vision, redness, and pain. If the problem is determined to be autoimmune related, your doctor might prescribe steroids to reduce inflammation. Additionally, developing uveitis might be a sign your current treatment regimen is no longer working.

Seek Prompt Treatment For Infections

Sinus and dental problems can also be the underlying cause of uveitis. Since the skull has several sinus cavities, it is easy for bacteria to spread to the eyes in extreme cases. If you have frequent sinus infections, you should consider strategies for long-term management of the condition. Steroids in the form of nasal sprays can help reduce inflammation in the nasal passages allowing mucous to drain properly. Surgery to correct sinus abnormalities may result in improved or permanent relief from sinus problems.

Dental infections should be treated promptly by a dentist or, when necessary, a medical doctor. At minimum, your primary care doctor or a doctor in an urgent care setting can start you on antibiotics. The problem is many people do not follow up with the dentist once the antibiotics have temporarily alleviated the infection. This can lead to antibiotic-resistant dental infections that spread to other parts of the face more rapidly and are harder to control.

Have Routine Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are not only important for vision correction, but for the overall health of your eyes and body. Even if your vision seems perfectly fine, a yearly visit could detect problems lurking under the surface. Rarely, cases of uveitis are associated with potentially life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. Since leukemia and lymphoma affect cells that travel through the blood stream, these malignant cells may eventually cause eye inflammation. An eye doctor like Country Hills Eye Center might notice abnormalities or early signs of inflammation that warrant further investigation by an ophthalmologist.

Even seemingly mild eye inflammation can have a permanent effect on your vision. Some instances of eye damage and vision loss from uveitis can be avoided or minimized by reducing your risk factors.


30 January 2017

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