3 Reasons For Your Loved One To Try Telestroke Services

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When a loved one suffers from a stroke, you are most likely scared, worried, and unsure what to do next. One of the best things you can do in the early hours and days after your family member's stroke is to sign them up for telestroke services. Telestroke services allow an experienced neurologist to help diagnose and create a treatment plan for your loved one remotely, using modern technology including webcams and image sharing apps. Here are three solid reasons for your loved one to try this innovative service:

Your Loved One Can Receive Help from their Local Hospital

The time right after your loved one suffers from a stroke is critical. In fact, some stroke medications can only be administered in a short window in the hours following their stroke. Many smaller, local hospitals do not have experienced neurologists on hand who can diagnose the stroke, determine the severity, and then prescribe the appropriate medication.

Thanks to telestroke technology, the staff at your loved one's local hospital can communicate and share photos and video with a neurologist who may be located far away. This neurologist can then diagnose and suggest specific treatment options without the need for your loved one to be transferred from their hospital. This saves critical time and can make a huge difference in the success of treatment.

No Need to Sacrifice Quality

The on-call neurologists who participate in telestroke services are highly qualified and very experienced. The treatment they provide via technology is high quality and thorough, almost as though they are in the room with your loved one. Your loved one will receive the best quality care, even if they live in a rural community far away from a world-class hospital.

Telestroke Technology is Collaborative

Your loved one may already have doctors and nurses at their local hospital who they trust and feel comfortable with. With telestroke services, they can continue to see their usual medical staff. The telestroke services neurologist will collaborate and work with the local medical staff, combining their resources. Your loved one's doctors can provide medical records and context, while the neurologist provides their stroke-related expertise. Your loved one then gets to receive the best of both worlds in their stroke treatment.

Telestroke services can help your loved one receive proper treatment for their stroke as quickly as possible, lowering the risk of severe side effects and protecting their health. Contact a company like Telespecialists for more information. 


4 October 2017

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