Questions That Can Help You Honestly Assess If You'Re Afraid Of Falling At Home

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Falling in your home as you age is a serious concern for many people. A fall at home can lead to hospitalization and threaten your independence once you're out of the hospital. Depending on the injury that you suffer, it may not be practical for you to continue to live in the home you've inhabited for years — all because of a fall that might have been preventable. Hiring a home health aide is a good idea if you're afraid of falling. Not only can this health professional make your home safer with handles and other devices, but he or she can also help you to physically get around. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you're afraid of falling at home.

Do I Try To Avoid The Stairs?

One way to assess if you're afraid of falling at home is to think about your use of the stairs. Those who have this concern will often minimize the number of times they have to go from one floor to another. For example, upon waking up and getting ready to go downstairs, you might gather everything that you'll need for the day and take it with you, in order to avoid having to use the stairs again until you're ready to go up to bed. Even though this idea is smart in terms of safety, it can make you feel a bit limited in your own home.

Do I Hang Onto Things?

Another way to tell if you have a fear of falling in your home is to think about the degree to which you hang onto objects to steady yourself. In an extreme case, you might try to always have your hand on something as you navigate your home — furniture, the walls, door handles, and more. If you're constantly reaching for different sturdy objects in order to feel more secure as you navigate your way around the home, it's a sure sign that you're concerned about falling.

Have I Stumbled And Scared Myself?

Tripping but catching yourself before falling to the floor can frighten you, often to the point that you take extra care when moving around to avoid falling. Perhaps you once tripped over the leg of a piece of furniture and were able to grab something before you well all the way down. Living in a constant fear of falling in your home is largely preventable when you hire a home health aide, such as from Ameristaff Nursing Services. If you've answered positively to these questions, you likely have a concern over falling and would benefit from in-home care.


9 November 2017

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