Understanding What Dermatology Compounds Are And Their Benefits

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If you have any sort of skin problem, from warts to rosacea, you probably see a dermatologist. If a dermatologist has suggested that you visit a dermatology compounding pharmacy, a place where you can get dermatology compounds. Here is more information on dermatology compounds, and their specific benefits.


Compounds from a compounding pharmacy are medicines made for specific purposes and designed to be just right for each patient. In a dermatology compounding pharmacy, compounds are made from base liquids or powders that are then mixed into a paste, a gel, a cream, or an ointment. Rather than have you use available prescription medications or over-the-counter medications, your dermatologist sends a special script to the compounding pharmacy and has you get a medication for your skin problems there.


First and foremost, a compounding pharmacy can create a custom medication for you. You may have tried some of the strongest prescription medicines available, to no avail. That is where a dermatology compound really helps. For example, if you have a wart on your hand or foot, and the doctor has tried 10% salicylic acid, but it just has not worked, you can go to the dermatology compounding pharmacy and get an ointment with 75% salicylic acid. At this high percentage of a common wart remover treatment, the wart is eaten within a matter of days and is permanently gone. That can be done for any dermatological medication where the standard prescription medications just are not working for you.

Secondly, dermatology compounds are always stronger than anything currently on the market. Some patients need something stronger and just cannot get it with the usual medications. So, your dermatologist prescribes a common medication for treatment of whatever ails your skin but writes it so that the dermatology compounding pharmacy knows how much of the medication to grind and blend into a topical medicine.

Third, and lastly, custom medications work faster and have better results. Instead of applying a medication to the acne on your back for two weeks, you can apply a stronger custom medication to treat the acne in a week or less. Unless you have extremely sensitive skin, almost all custom medications can be made to clear up your skin conditions in a shorter time. As for people with particularly sensitive skin, the custom compounds have an additional ingredient that soothes the skin while the other medication compounds in the medicine treat the more severe skin issues. Click here for more info about dermatology compounds.   


29 November 2017

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