Avoiding The Doctor But Getting Really Sick? Find A Walk In Doctor Before Its Too Late

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If you haven't been to a doctor in years and you think that you have some type of infection, it's best to find a doctor's office where you can walk in as a new patient, and then continue to get treatment if needed. Although the signs and symptoms of a bacterial infection and viral infection can be similar, there are some concerns that you don't want to ignore. Here are some of the problems that should convince you to find a primary care doctor that is taking walk in patients and that can get you in right away.

Consistent Fever

A fever that isn't getting lower or that won't go away can be a dangerous sign of an infection. If you have a temperature that is over 102 degrees, you should be concerned. If you can't get the temperature to come down with over-the-counter medication, then you may need an antibiotic to treat the infection that is causing your fever.

Green Snot or Mucus in Cough

When the snot that comes out of your nose is a thick green, yellow or brown, or you are coughing of things that are discolored, it's time to get checked out. If you have a lot of snot, phlegm, or discharge, and it lands in your lungs, you can end up with pneumonia or another type of dangerous bacterial infection. Even if you don't need an antibiotic, you may need a steroid or inhaler.

Skin Irritation or Blisters

If you start to get a rash on different areas of your body, or you notice that you have blisters in your throat or on your body, you want to get checked out. This can be a viral infection or you could have strep throat or another complication. Don't ignore the physical symptoms on the outside of your body.

As you get older it can be difficult to make yourself go to the doctor when you have kids, a job, and other things going on that are keeping you busy. If you know that you are sick or you aren't feeling well and you are starting to get to a point where you can't fight whatever is battling, you want to get to the doctor before it gets any worse. Once you have a diagnosis you can start to get treatment to feel better, and you will know what you are exposing those around you with.


18 January 2018

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