Your Teen Is Abusing Opiates After A Football Injury: Thankfully, There Is Help

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Football has become one of the nation's biggest pastimes, and has inspired many teenagers to try out this challenging sport. Unfortunately, players are prone to serious injuries that may require opioid pain medications. If your teen suffered an injury and is experiencing opioid addiction because of it, you need to get them professional detox.

Opioid Pain Medications May Be Prescribed To Your Teen

Football injuries are very common and can be very painful when they occur. For example, a big hit to the side could cause a teen to dislocate or break a rib and suffer from extreme and unmanageable pain. In this situation, your teenager could get prescribed an opioid painkiller.

Most of the time, these painkillers are used in a controlled manner and are quit the moment that your teen no longer suffers from any pain. However, your teen might be one of those people who are prone to addiction, and could end up suffering from symptoms of severe and dangerous addiction.

Addiction is often paired with symptoms like mood changes, weight loss, mental confusion, criminal activities, and more. All of these issues are problematic for your teen's health and could end their football career. Even worse, they could bring their life to a premature end. Thankfully, they can get help.

Getting Them Help

It can be hard for you and, especially, your teen to admit that he is suffering from an addiction. Many people try to fight it or pretend like their isn't an issue. But your teen deserves better and should go through a medical detoxification program to ensure that they are no longer addicted to opiates.

The biggest challenge is minimizing their withdrawal symptoms. Severe reactions could cause your teen to have seizures that could end their football career or even their life. Thankfully, replacement medications are available to handle this problem and restore their sobriety.

It is particularly smart to get your football player off of opioids because most colleges won't tolerate the abuse of these painkillers. And if your teenager is a skilled player who is hoping for a scholarship for his skills, you need to make sure that they detox from opiates.

So if your teenager is suffering from a dependency on their pain medication after suffering a serious injury, it is wise to send them through a detox program. In this way, you can give them the help they need to overcome this problem and to live a happy and healthy life.


19 September 2018

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