Your Allergy Case May Be Caused By Something Really Unusual

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When you think of allergens, there are a lot of common ones that quickly come to mind. The usual suspects are things like nuts, pollen and bee stings. The runaway process that's triggered, however, can be incited by almost anything the body perceives as dangerous. Here are some of the more surprising causes you might need to talk with an allergy doctor about.

A Meat Allergy Caused by a Tick Bite

It might sound strange that something we think of as causing allergies, a big bite, may lead to a seemingly different allergy. That's what actually happens for some folks who've been bitten by what is known as the Lone Star tick. The tick is commonly found in Texas, hence its name. A bite from one can lead a person to develop a sudden and lifelong allergy to red meats, especially beef and pork.


Yes, there's definitely something weird about an essential thing for life also being something a person can be allergic to. Some folks, though, are so allergic to water that even their own sweat can cause them to break out into rashes. They generally have to avoid regular bathing, and they may need to be put on diets involving only carbonated drinks and distilled water.


People often assume that allergic reactions that correlate with sunlight must be caused by allergens that are stirred up by the warmth of the sun. That is certainly one possibility, but another is photoallergy. In fact, a British woman named Anna Lyndsey became so allergic to sunlight that she frequently avoids going outdoors for weeks at a time. She's also allergic to artificial sources of light, and she only uses the absolute bare minimum amount of light in her home to function.

The Smell of Fish

Most people aren't the biggest fans of the smell of fish, but some folks can experience an adverse reaction to it. Fish allergens are enough to send those who have such conditions into short breathing and skin rash outbreaks. This is due to heightened allergic responses similar to the ones seen in people who can't eat seafood.


Reactions to metals, especially nickel, are a documented problem, and nickel is one of the most widely used materials for coins on the planet. Fortunately, an allergy doctor can typically prescribe a patient a topical steroid and an antihistamine that'll be sufficient for controlling reactions.

If you're unsure what is causing your allergic reactions, work with a local allergy doctor to find the culprit and figure out a treatment plan. 


13 February 2019

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