Immunizations That Every Elderly Indvidual Should Know About

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Are you or someone you know a senior citizen? If so, you may be like many people who assume that you have received all of the immunizations. This is due to a misconception that individuals receive all of their immunizations during their teen and childhood years. As individuals age, some of the elderly population put themselves at risk for developing certain conditions that could have been avoided if they received vaccinations. The following points will help you understand some of the immunizations they can opt for that can reduce the chances of them getting seriously ill.


Many people get sick with the flu each year. It causes emergency room overcrowding, and for some individuals, it can mean death. Elderly individuals who contract the flu are in danger because their immune systems weaken as they age. Opting to get a flu shot each year can make their illness less severe. For some, it prevents them from getting the flu. 


Individuals who had chicken pox as children may find it surprising that the virus is still present in their bodies. It can resurface later in life, and seniors are often impacted by it. Perhaps you are thinking that an episode of shingles later in life is not significant, but it can be extremely uncomfortable. Individuals experience itchy rashes and blisters that are described as being painful. There is a vaccine that is available to seniors. Doctors may prescribe it to seniors who do not recall having chicken pox as a child too. This may be a safety precaution due to the possibility that it was too long ago for a person to remember, or they may have contracted virus at young and are unaware of it.


This is another condition that can lead to death for many who do not get the vaccine. Pneumonia impacts the lungs and can cause permanent damage to them. This potentially deadly consequence makes it a sensible option for the elderly to choose. It is certainly ideal for seniors who live in live-in facilities such as nursing homes because they are in close contact with various individuals.

A primary care physician is a good resource to use to understand why immunizations for the elderly are ideal. You may have certain lifestyle choices such as smoking that can put you at great risk for developing pneumonia. Individuals who have respiratory conditions such as asthma may also be at risk for pneumonia. The pneumococcal vaccine can be life-saving for these individuals, and their physicians can help them understand why.


9 April 2019

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