Earaches And Other Signs That It Is Time To See The Professionals At Urgent Care

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If your child experiences earaches from time to time, then you may not rush to see a doctor as soon as the pain develops. However, if you wait until the weekend to see someone, then you may not have the option of contacting your local pediatrician for treatment. In this scenario, it may be wise to take your child to the local urgent care center. There are some signs that this is your best choice. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Drainage Coming From The Ear

Some earaches are not actually ear infections, and sometimes, even if it is an infection, it will go away on its own. It can be hard to tell the difference between a non-serious earache and one that requires treatment, but if you notice some fluid coming out of one or both the ears, then this is an indication that you should be visiting an urgent care center. The fluid is often milky in color and is a buildup of pus within the ear. Pus is a clear indicator of infectious bacteria and an infection that has developed to the point that it requires treatment.

Even if the fluid is more of a clear color, you should still be seeking advice from a medical professional. This fluid often indicates that the eardrum has been punctured or ripped in some way and that fluid has leaked out from behind the broken drum.

In both cases where fluid may be noted, antibiotics should be provided. Also, a thorough inspection of the ear should be completed to make sure that there is no damage that requires more extensive treatment. Sometimes the fluid will also be collected and tested to see what kind of microorganism has caused the infection. This is important in a situation where the first line of antibiotics is unsuccessful in treating the issue.

Extreme Irritation

If you have a younger child who is unable to calm themselves or if they are crying uncontrollably, then go to an urgent care center. This is also true if your child is having difficulty sleeping, eating, or drinking. All of these things indicate that your child is in a significant amount of pain and that they require relief with the assistance of prescription medication.

Also, if you are seeing some serious signs of discomfort, then this may mean that the fluid is building behind the eardrum and that it may soon burst. A doctor needs to evaluate this situation to relieve the pressure on the drum. 

In some cases, your child will also be provided with an IV to ensure that enough fluids are being ingested. 

For more information, visit an urgent care center.


20 June 2019

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