Smoking And Bloating: What To Do About It

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Smoking is a habit that most people understand is very bad for their health. However, there are some health issues connected to smoking that some may not even realize. For example, smoking is highly connected to bloating, which can be very painful unless you know how to manage this problem.

Smoking May Cause Bloating

Though you may not think that smoking is connected to your bloating problems, studies have found that smokers often experience heavy levels of bloat. The issue here is related to the act of smoking – as you inhale on your cigarette, you take in extra air that bloats you up. This problem is particularly true if you tend to smoke after you eat – that extra air may mix with your stomach acid and cause serious discomfort.

This type of bloating can be very painful to manage because it may also be affected by other influences. For example, you may find that foods that are rich in tomatoes or other rich ingredients may cause bloating that is hard to handle. You may also be predisposed to excessive gas and have a hard time managing it without professional help. Thankfully, you can manage this problem with a little work.

How to Avoid This Problem

If you find that smoking is causing your bloating, you need to make the obvious choice and put down the cigarettes. For some people, this will be easier said than done. Addiction may grip some people harder than others and make it nearly impossible to quit. However, smoking cessation aides can do wonders for many people and help you get the chance to quit smoking more effectively than ever.

Just as importantly, you should consider anti-bloating treatments to ensure that you don't run into more problems later. Though quitting smoking may stop some of your bloating, other issues may trigger an increase in gas, such as digestive issues, food allergies, and fizzy drinks. Adjust your diet and start exercising to help manage this type of bloating and to encourage dietary health.

If you find that these activities don't do much to stop your bloating, it is time to talk to a professional about this issue. Doctors can help you understand why you are bloating so much and will give advice to help manage this issue. In some cases, they can provide helpful medications that manage your gas and ensure that you don't feel so heavy and full all of the time, even after you quit smoking. 


25 September 2019

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