5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Primary Care Physicians

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Choosing a physician is an important step towards taking charge of your health. You need to find someone whom you can freely visit for your medical needs, such as routine screenings, health education, and treatment of non-emergency illnesses. However, getting the right doctors can be a challenge, especially now when there are many private and public clinics and hospitals.

If you are planning to get a primary care physician for yourself or loved ones, here are five questions to ask first:

1. Do They Possess the Relevant Qualifications?

It's advisable to get a physician with expertise that strategically meets your health needs. In the United States, family physicians are categorized as family practice, general practice, or internal medicine physicians. If you are looking for someone who treats patients of all ages, it's prudent to settle on a family practice physician.

2. Are They Strategically Located?

When choosing a family doctor, look for the ones who are strategically located, especially regarding their proximity to your home or workplace. The physician's location can actually significantly impact the ease of patient access. In this context, look for someone whose hospital or clinic is easily accessible and is connected to major highway routes.

3. Are They Reputable?

Reputation is all about the experience. When someone has been in practice for some time, it easy to research what patients say about them. Work experience can demonstrate a doctor's commitment and understanding of their medical careers. By choosing an experienced physician, you are assured that they know what their work entails and won't gamble with your health.

4. Do They Take Your Insurance?

If you have health insurance, then look for someone who will accept it, or you will end up paying out-of-pocket. It won't cost you much to call your insurance company and ask for doctors in your neighborhood who take your insurance plan. Once you have selected a specific doctor, you should call their office and confirm if they take your plan.

5. Do They Possess the Relevant Qualities and Traits?

Please select a doctor who identifies with your health needs. Good doctors are compassionate, understanding, empathetic, and honest. You can only assess if they possess the above qualities by giving them a visit. A face-to-face visit gives you a chance to evaluate their attributes before deciding if they are the right specialists for you and your family.

Primary care physicians take care of most of your medical needs, and that's why you need to be cautious before selecting one. Consider recommendations from reliable sources, such as your health insurance provider. Think about convenience and choose someone who fits your schedule.


22 April 2021

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