Conduct An Ergonomic Evaluation

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Chronic pain and injuries that occur in the workplace may account for many of the days that your employees are absent. An ergonomic evaluation involves assessing past incidents, inspecting the work premises, and making changes that will improve your efficiency and comfort.

Analyze Past Records

Workers compensation claims and incident reports should be reviewed annually. These records can help you determine if a pattern has been occurring that is related to some of your employees being absent from work for a long duration. Chronic pain or an injury that was caused by lifting heavy items or performing the same task over and over may not immediately reflect upon the furnishings or equipment that you provide your employees with.

An analysis that involves determining if your workers were properly trained to perform their job duties should be conducted. If job training sessions have been streamlined, a refresher course may be needed. Ensuring that everyone is performing their work duties as outlined can have a direct impact on how many workdays your employees miss in the future. 

Identify Any Risk Factors And Use Assessment Tools

Walking through each department and observing your employees while they are actively working may give you some insight into the kinds of changes that need to be made. For instance, you may notice that your workers are slouching while they are seated or observe other workers attempting to move heavy loads by themselves. Take note of each item that you would like to address.

There are a series of universal ergonomic assessment tools that you can compare your findings to. These tools cover many areas within a typical workplace, including physical activities, furnishings, safety aids, and environmental devices. Ergonomic furnishings include standing desks, power stools, footrests, and standing position chairs. Ergonomic equipment includes adjustable keyboards, pivotal monitors, and mouse supports.

The air quality within your business should be inspected and proper ventilation should be supplied. Ensuring that your employees receive routine breaks should be instilled. Individuals who are assigned a strenuous task should not be expected to complete the duty alone. Supplying your workers with support throughout each duty will minimize mistakes that could lead to an injury.

After identifying all of the risk factors and making changes within your facility, perform an additional assessment each year. Your findings may result in less chronic pain or injuries. This will indicate that the working environment is much safer than it previously was.

Talk to a local ergonomic evaluation service to learn more.


21 September 2021

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