The Primary Appeal Of Using Compounded Pet Medication For Your Pets

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As a pet owner, you want your pet to remain in the best health possible. You do not want to risk them getting sick or suffering pain from a condition that is highly treatable. 

However, you also may want to be able to give your pet medicine as easily and quickly as possible. You may get that easy administration by using a compounded pet medication for your cat, dog or other animal companion.

Variety of Forms

Your pet may not take pills easily. You may have to hide the pills in a treat or piece of cheese. You also may simply have to force the pill down your pet's throat, only for them to gag it up immediately on the carpet or furniture.

Instead of forcing or trying to trick your pet into taking a pill, you can use a compounded pet medication. Compounded medicine can be made into different forms. The pharmacy may offer it in liquid form or make it into a patch. You can add the liquid to your pet's food or water. You can also apply the patch directly to your pet's skin and allow the medicine to be absorbed into the body easier.

Variety of Strengths

A compounded pet medication may also be able to be formulated into different strengths. A Chihuahua, for example, cannot take the same strength of medicine as a German Shepherd. Medicine needs to be tailored to your pet's weight and body size. 

The pharmacy might offer different strengths of compounded pet medication so you can get the one that benefits your pet the most. You can avoid over- or under-dosing your pet and can help them heal faster from their illness. 

Different Flavors

Finally, the pharmacy may be able to offer compounded pet medication in different flavors so your pet will take it easier. The pharmacy may offer the medicine in meat flavors for dogs, for example. They also might offer the compounded pet medication in tuna or salmon flavor for cats. The flavor can appeal to your pet and make them want to take the medicine readily instead of you having to trick or force your pet into taking the medicine.

Compounded pet medication may come in a variety of forms to make it easier to give medicine to your pet. It also may come in differing doses and strengths, as well as flavors to make it more palatable. 


22 November 2021

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