Signs The Time Has Come For Cataract Surgery

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Cataracts are a progressive condition. Most patients are first diagnosed when they begin experiencing mild symptoms, such as blurry night vision and slightly opaque-looking corneas. But cataracts don't usually require treatment at this stage. Generally, your eye doctor will tell you to go home, wait it out, and come back for surgery once your cataracts are more severe. But how do you know when you've reached that tipping point where cataract surgery is called for? Here are some signs the time has come.

You're starting to feel unsafe about driving

With mild cataracts, you may see some glare from the lights when you drive at night. As your cataracts become more serious, you may stop driving at night altogether. Then, you may find you start to feel uncomfortable driving in general, even in the daytime. You may struggle to read signs, find that you're having to check twice to see whether a car is approaching an intersection, and so forth. Don't ignore the fact that you feel unsafe behind the wheel. Talk to your eye doctor about cataract surgery, and consider having someone else drive you around in the meantime.

You can't find the "right" place to situate a book for reading

When you have cataracts, you often have to move a book back and forth to find the perfect position, in front of your face, where you can read it well. Eventually, though, as your cataracts progress, it becomes harder and harder to find that sweet spot where you can actually read the book. Sometimes, you may give up and put down the book because you can't find the spot at all. This is a sure sign you could benefit from cataract surgery; it will make it possible for you to read again!

You're starting to feel clumsy

Have you been bumping into things a lot lately? Maybe you've stumbled a lot or begun to drop things on the floor more often. This clumsiness is usually the result of waning peripheral vision. If you can't see well in every direction, you misjudge where things and your body are spatially. This can start to pose a hazard to your health; you could become injured if you fall or if a knife slips. So, schedule your cataract surgery soon if you find yourself becoming clumsy.

Cataract surgery is safe, effective, and a good choice for most patients whose cataracts are beginning to affect their lives. Reach out to an eye surgeon to learn more.


21 December 2021

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