If You Dislike The Fat On Your Underarms Or Armpit Area, Try Freezing It Away With A Spa Treatment

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If you're not happy with the way your underarms and armpits look due to excessive fat, you may be looking at options for improving the appearance of your arms. Weight loss and exercise might help a little, but flabby underarms are often difficult to get rid of, especially as you get older. One option to consider is to freeze the fat pockets off. One way to do this is with a CoolSculpting treatment you might find at a med spa or dermatologist's office. Here's how freezing fat cells work and the procedure for having it done under your arms.

Freezing Fat Doesn't Harm Other Types Of Cells

It's possible to freeze and kill fat cells because these cells can be destroyed at a lower temperature than is required to kill muscle, skin, or other types of cells in your body. Your other tissues won't be harmed even though very cold temperatures are applied and fat cells are killed.

When the fat cells are frozen, they'll slowly die and be eliminated from your body. This process may take place over a few months, and during that time, you might have a repeat treatment to ensure you get the results you want.

You'll need a medical evaluation to make sure you're suitable for a fat-freezing treatment. Also, if you want the fat pockets around your bra reduced in size, the doctor has to make sure the bra bulge is actually fat and not breast tissue since breast tissue can't be removed through freezing.

Both Arms Can Be Treated At Once

You may only want your underarms treated, or you may want your bra fat removed too. The doctor can treat both sides of your body at once, but the device is small, so you may need multiple treatments each session so the suction device can be moved to a new place. Your skin is cleaned prior to the treatment and covered with gel. Then a suction device is applied to target fat cells

The cold temperatures may feel uncomfortable at first, but within a few minutes, your skin should be numb so you won't feel much at all. After several minutes, the suction device is removed, and your underarm area is massaged to break up the tissue and warm it up. The massage may be uncomfortable since sensation will return to your skin as the massage is underway.

There Is No Need For Downtime

An advantage of freezing your fat is that there is no downtime as you might have with liposuction. Once sensation has returned, you can go about your normal routine. However, your skin might be a little sensitive, so you might need to avoid the sun and other irritants.

You may not notice a difference in the way your underarms or bra fat looks right away because it takes time for your body to absorb and eliminate the fat cells. Your arms should slim down and tighten up in the weeks to come. 

For more information, contact a local center that offers CoolSculpting services


29 June 2022

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