2 Benefits Of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy After Suffering From A Torn Muscle In Your Leg

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After sustaining an injury to your leg that resulted in torn muscle tissue, you may have been told that you will need extensive physical therapy to help the muscle heal. While looking into supplemental therapies, you may have heard something about blood flow restriction therapy. 

With this type of treatment, a tourniquet is placed on your leg above the torn muscle, and you perform certain exercises while the flow of blood is partially cut off. There are a couple of benefits that come with having this type of therapy after suffering from a torn muscle in your leg.

1. Helps to Speed up Healing of the Leg Muscle Because of the Release of Growth Factors

One benefit of receiving blood flow restriction therapy in conjunction with your regular physical therapy sessions is that it can help to speed up the healing process. While the blood flow is restricted, waste material created by the muscles during the exercises will start to build up and pool in and around the tear.

When this build-up occurs, your body will release what are known as growth factors, which will stimulate the muscle cells during and after the therapy. This accelerated stimulation of the cells can help them work to repair the tear faster.

2. Helps to Prevent Atrophy of the Muscle by Stimulating the Muscle Development of Mass

Another benefit of therapy that restricts blood flow during exercise sessions is that it can help prevent atrophy. Especially after an injury that tears the muscle, the fibers can become weak without regular use, which will cause them to shrink.

However, the same growth factors that speed up the healing of the muscle tissue also help in the development of muscle mass. While mass is built within the injured muscle, its strength is also improved to help reduce the amount of downtime you may experience during treatment and after the muscle heals.

When you have torn a muscle in your leg, you may benefit from exercise therapy that restricts blood flow to it. During the exercises, the buildup of waste materials will encourage the release of growth factors that will stimulate the healing of the muscle tissue and the development of mass while also improving the strength of the muscle fibers around the tear. If you would like to learn more and would like to see if this type of treatment may benefit you, make an appointment with a doctor or physical therapist that offers blood flow restriction therapy.


26 June 2023

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