Understanding And Managing Claustrophobia In MRI Machines

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MRI scans are an important way of diagnosing a variety of health problems. Unfortunately those who suffer from claustrophobia often struggle to make it through a scan. Here's what those with claustrophobia need to know about how it relates to MRI machines and how to manage it. How Claustrophobia Can Start In An MRI Machine MRI scans require loading the patient head-first into the scanning machine. For people with claustrophobia, this can be a very frightening experience.

29 December 2016

Child Hearing Loss: Symptoms Of Hearing Loss In Children And Adolescents

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Hearing loss can happen to anyone of any age. Unfortunately, many young children and adolescents are becoming hard of hearing at an alarming rate. However, if you can catch it early, you may be able to reduce the long-term impact of hearing loss in your child. If you think your child may be dealing with hearing loss but you aren't certain, there are some symptoms you can look for: Isolating Themselves

15 December 2016

Reasons To Consider Allergy Shots

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Allergy shots are an important treatment in the fight against allergies and asthma. If you are on the fence about going through the lengthy treatment of allergy shots, there are several reasons the effort may be worth it. Better Asthma Control Perhaps the most important reason to try allergy shots is better control over asthma symptoms. Although allergy shots will not cure asthma, they can reduce the immune response to environmental allergens that may trigger asthma symptoms.

30 November 2016

Four Tips For Helping Your Elderly Love One Get Through The Holidays

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For many people, the holidays are a time to come together and celebrate. For senior citizens, the holidays can be a lonely time that reminds them of the people they have lost throughout the years and memories that are long gone. To avoid isolation and depression, you want to be extra supportive of your elderly loved ones during the holidays. For a smooth transition and an enjoyable holiday, here are four tips to help your elderly loved one conquer the holidays.

22 November 2016

Excess Skin after Drastic Weight Loss? 2 Options to Remove It

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When you lose a drastic amount of weight, flabby skin is often left behind. If this sounds like you, there are many options you have to help get rid of this skin so you can have the body shape you want. Below is some information about two different things so you can understand how they work. This can help you come to a decision on what you would like best.

9 November 2016

Pain Management Techniques For Your Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is one of the most common forms of back and spine related pain. Millions of people experience it every day. Just as many people never seek treatment for their lower back pain. If you suffer from lower back pain, you should know a little about where it might come from and what you can do to manage it. Do You Know Where Your Low Back Pain Comes From?

26 October 2016

How Running Can Lead To Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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Tarsal tunnel syndrome is an orthopedic concern that causes numbness and pain in your feet. It is a moderate to serious concern and one that may be caused by what is otherwise a healthy activity: running. Here is how your exercise may be injuring your feet. Running Can Injure Your Posterior Tibial Tendon When you run, you put a lot of strain on your body. Even when you're in great shape, there's a chance that you're stressing your posterior tibial tendon.

29 September 2016

2 Tips To Reduce Inflammation After Your Sclerotherapy Treatment

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Sclerotherapy is often recommended for smaller vein removal. Larger veins may need to be treated with a more invasive procedure. During sclerotherapy, your doctor will inject a solution into your veins. This causes the veins to collapse and fade away. It usually takes a few weeks or even months for the veins to disappear. During this time, you may experience inflammation around the area where the procedure was performed. This can initially feel painful; however, the discomfort reduces once your body begins to recover.

23 September 2016

Can't Get Rid Of Your Forehead Acne? It's Probably Your Liver

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If you suffer from forehead acne and can't get rid of it with OTC cleansers or medications, you may think that nothing will work for you. Although acne usually shows up in teens and young adults, older men and women can also experience skin breakouts. Your acne may be a problem if you suffer from hormonal problems, expose your face to pollutants on a regular basis, or eat too much sugar.

15 September 2016

Battling Bad Breath Caused by Acid Reflux

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Bad breath is the third most-common reason that people seek dental advice. However, bad breath isn't always a problem that can be solved by your dentist. You might need to visit your primary care physician instead. If you suffer from acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), your stomach problems could be the cause of your consistent bad breath. Check out these tips to help you battle acid reflux–induced bad breath.

2 September 2016